Best Bachelor Party Ideas

If you’ve ever tried to plan a bachelor party you may have realized that it can be challenging to put together a fun event if you’re trying to avoid the whole “let’s get a stripper” idea.  We’ve been through this ourselves; so we’ve decided to compile a few alternatives to help the morally-conscious guys still have a rockin’ party without compromising.

So, without further ado here are some of the best bachelor party ideas the internet has to offer… by the way, the first one is our favorite!

Our Top 12 Best Bachelor Party Ideas

  1. If your groom isn’t the kind of guy that doesn’t typically go out for extravagant meals, rent a limo and go out for a nice juicy steak! There’s nothing like a bunch of guys getting together to chow down on some beef.
  2. Go out to a casino to do a little gambling. If gambling is illegal where you live or if you are too far from any casinos just grab a bunch of beer and have a poker tournament of your own.
  3. Book a weekend at a dude ranch where you have the opportunity to heard some cattle and cowboy-it-up. This is especially great for guys who are from the city or who have never been on a horse before.
  4. Pile into the car and take a road trip somewhere crazy that you’ve never been before. For example, Yellowstone National Park or Tijuana, Mexico.   Road trips often make for some of the best memories.
  5. Go camping in the wilderness. There’s nothing quite like the great outdoors.  And when you are with a group of your buddies it’s the perfect place to get away from all of the craziness involved the planning of the wedding.
  6. Cigars and whiskey tasting. If you’re feeling like doing something with a little more class get some nice cigars and a few bottles of high-end whiskey.  Why not splurge?  Hey, it’s an occasion for celebration, right?
  7. Do something outdoors like fishing or hunting. Base your activity on the groom’s hobbies and personality; this could be right up his ally.
  8. (Depending on the time of year) snowboarding or skiing could be a great option. It incorporates both doing something active and being out in nature.
  9. Rent a vacation house. Whether it’s on the beach or in the mountains renting a nice vacation home for a large group is cheaper than paying for hotel rooms for everybody.   Not only that but it also provides the group with more of a sense of comradery.
  10. Go skydiving! So many guys don’t go skydiving even though they want to due to the high cost combined with never having the perfect opportunity.  But a bachelor party is the perfect reason to spend a little money and do something truly memorable.
  11. Have an all-night Call-of-Duty tournament. You’re probably doing this already, but there’s really nothing like throwing back a few beers and some Cheetos and blowing your buddy’s head off.
  12. Go on a pub-crawl. Make a list of breweries, pubs and bars in a nearby city and hit them one by one. This is a great way to sample local brews and bond with your dudes at the same time. And if you’re not up for walking, hire a limo to take you around! Hey, that’s what we do!

With a little creativity and initiative, we hope you’ll find that it’s actually not too difficult at all to avoid the stereotypical bachelor party. And when all else fails, you could always just rent a limo and leave the fun to us, we’ll be sure to make the night memorable.


Best Bachelor Party Ideas

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