Creative Ways to Ask Someone to the Prom

If you’ve been thinking about asking that guy or girl to go to the prom with you but you just can’t muster the nerve to do it face to face or you’d prefer to ask them in a special way, we’ve come up with a few creative ways to ask someone to the prom that we hope will help you out.  Don’t just wait around for them to ask you or put it off for too long because odds are someone else will beat you to the punch.  Just choose one of these creative and cute ideas and that special guy or girl will be sure to agree to go to the prom with you!  Remember that no matter how you choose to ask them the key is to do it with confidence.

Ways to ask someone to the prom

Top 5 Creative Ways to Ask Someone to the Prom

  1. If you’ve got any musical talent and can play an instrument such as the guitar, write a short song and sing it to them at an opportune moment. I used to have a friend in high school that had a song that he could easily throw a girl’s name into and sing it to her.  Now, I’m not saying you should do that but what I am saying is that it definitely got him the attention he was looking for and most of the girls thought it was romantic.
  2. Asking someone to the prom can be a very nerve racking experience, especially if you’ve never asked anyone out before. But trust me when I say this, you will feel better about yourself if you ask them and they say “no” than you would if you decided not to ask because you were too scared.  That being said, if you are still too nervous to ask them out face to face finding a creative way to ask them in writing can also be quite romantic even though it doesn’t convey the same level of confidence.  Remember that creativity is the key here and that it’s better to be there when they read it.  Write it in sidewalk chalk, write it on a cookie, make a puzzle out of the question, or a game such as a scavenger hunt… anything but a text message.
  3. If you’re having trouble finding the right opportunity, see if you can schedule a time for them to help you with your homework and when they aren’t paying attention write, “Will you go to prom with me?” in your notebook and then ask them to help you with a “question.” This will probably only work if they are competent in whatever subject you ask them to help you with so choose wisely.
  4. This is similar to number two because it doesn’t involve asking them face to face and is quite creative. Make a YouTube video asking them out and then send them a private link to the video.
  5. Leave them one note in each of their classes that spells out “P-R-O-M-?” or “Will – you go – to prom – with me?” But don’t reveal who the notes are from until the last note which you will hand deliver.

There are plenty of creative ways to ask someone to the prom and these are just a few but we hope that it will get you thinking and you will come up with the best way for your particular situation.  Just remember, it’s only prom.  Don’t over think it.

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