Big Horn Country USA 2015

Keith Urban at Big Horn Country USA

Keith Urban at Big Horn Country USA

We had a great time meeting everybody who stopped by to talk to us at the Big Horn Country USA music festival this year.  Being new on the scene here in Sheridan, Wyoming it was great to introduce our company to the local community.  If you were there but didn’t have a chance to stop by and talk to us feel free to say hello next time you see us.

Not in Sheridan?  No Problem.

Many people at Big Horn Country USA this year traveled some distance to get to the music festival.  It was great to see them too because what a lot of people we talked to did’t realize and were surprised to learn is that our service area is really large.  So, just because you don’t live in Sheridan doesn’t mean that it isn’t feasible for you to take advantage of our services too.

Multi-day Rental Example

For example, let’s say you live in Billings, Montana and you and your friends want to take a trip out to Deadwood, South Dakota.  A rental from with a departure time of noon on the first day and returning at noon on the second day would only cost roughly $1,700 before gratuity.  Since the limo has seating for 17 people that only comes out to a hundred bucks a person for an amazing time!  Doesn’t sound so bad.

Our Most Popular Rentals with the Big Horn Country USA Crowd

The trips that we offer from Sheridan toBig Horn Country USA Deadwood were the thing that we found so many people were interested in.  It’s a 12 hour rental for only $1,000, which is well below our normal hourly rate.  We pick you up from your house at around 2pm, you party in the limo all the way to Deadwood and arrive in time for dinner.  You and your friends can enjoy yourselves in the casinos and we will get you home safe and sound by 2am.  (Additional time is available at the rate of $100 per hour).

So, if you like to party and you like to do it in style give us a call!  We’d love to hear what you have in mind!  307-461-7000

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